Influencing factors in data collection

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  1. Identify if there is any influencing factor in each situation. What is the influencing factor? Rewrite to correct the sentence.
    1. Ask a group of people if they think only women like desserts.
    2. Ask the students of a school if they think there are enough bathrooms in the campus.
    3. Ask a group of people how they celebrate Christmas.
  2. Rewrite the questions so that they have no bias.
    1. What is your most favourite dessert?
      a) Chocolate cake
      b) Strawberry cake
      c) Vanilla cake
    2. Do you think the food in cafeteria is too expensive?
    3. Most people have online shopping experience. When was the last time you shopped online?
Topic Notes
The results of researches are heavily affected by the process of data collection. However, the process is prone to errors. For example, biased and misleading survey questions, and leading survey questions can all affect the results greatly. In this lesson, we will learn how to identify and fix these errors.
Basic Concepts