Word problems of graphing linear functions

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  1. The cost to advertise an holiday event is given by the formula: C = 0.5F + 50, where C is the cost and F is the number of flyers to be printed
    Sketch the graph of C = 0.5F + 50
    Calculate the cost of printing 200 flyers
    iii)How many flyers could be printed for 600 dollars?
    iv)State the dependent and independent variables?
    1. Andy is planning a birthday party for his son. The cost of the party is represented by the equation: 40P - 3C + 800 = 0, where P is the number of people attending and C is the total cost of the party.
      Graph the cost versus the number of people
      ii) What is the cost of renting the hall?
      iii)What is the cost per person?
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      Topic Notes
      Graphing linear functions can be a useful tool for our everyday life and businesses If we know the functions of the situations, we can simply plug into the variables we have on hand to find the solutions. In this section, we will see how we can apply linear functions in our life to help solve problems related to cost.