Traditional hypothesis testing

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  1. Introduction to traditional hypothesis testing
  1. Traditional Proportion Hypothesis Testing
    I make the claim that "7575% of people like statistics." If 50 people were sampled and it was found that 6464% of them like statistics then with a significance level of α=\alpha=0.05 can my claim be proven to be false?
    1. Thomas is shopping for a used car. He is fairly unconcerned with what car he buys and makes the claim that "[he] likes most cars". If he checks out 40 cars and he likes 30 of them, with a 90% confidence level is his claim true?
      1. Traditional Mean Hypothesis Testing
        Daisy is brewing a batch of Kombucha. She made a total of 20 jars, with a standard deviation of σ=2\sigma=2 ozoz. If she samples 5 jars and finds that the mean amount of liquid in these 5 jars is x=27\overline{x} =27 ozoz, then with 99% confidence what could be said about the claim that "she has on average less than 30 ounces per jar".
        Topic Notes
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