Confidence levels and critical values

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  1. Confidence Level: 1α1-\alpha

    . Introduction to confidence levels and critical values

    Common Confidence levels:
    \cdot 0.900.90 Zα2=1.645 Z_\frac{\alpha}{2}=1.645
    \cdot 0.950.95 Zα2=1.96 Z_\frac{\alpha}{2}=1.96
    \cdot 0.990.99 Zα2=2.575 Z_\frac{\alpha}{2}=2.575
    Critical value is the z-score relating to a confidence level
  1. Finding the Critical Value
    Find the resulting critical values from the following confidence levels:
    1. A confidence level of 0.50
    2. A confidence level of 0.90
    3. A confidence level of 0.95
    4. A confidence level of 0.99
  2. What would be the value of Zα2Z_\frac{\alpha}{2} for a confidence level of 0.98?
    1. Theoretical interpretation of the confidence level and critical value
      What would be the resulting critical value for
      1. A confidence level of 1?
      2. A confidence level of 0?