Applications of inequalities

Applications of inequalities


table of explanations of inequality symbols
  • Introduction
    How are Inequality Symbols Expressed in Words?

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    Solving two-variable linear inequalities graphically
    A restaurant charges adults $30 and children $20 for a set dinner. How many adults and children do they have to serve such that they will have a revenue of more than $2700?

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    Thomas participates in a professional gaming tournament. He scores 1 point for every game he wins and scores 0.5 points for every game that ends in a draw. How many wins (W) and draws (D) should there be such that he will score at least 8 points in total?

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    Solving systems of two-variable linear inequalities graphically
    A company needs to restock the stationary at the office. A pen (P) costs $2 and a marker (M) costs $5. Since they are on a tight budget, they can spend no more than $100 in restocking. However, they want to purchase at least 40 items in total so that the stationary store will provide free delivery. How many pens and markers is the company able to purchase?