Waves in two dimensions

  1. Waves in two dimensions
  2. Introduction to reflection of two-dimensional waves
  3. Introduction to refraction of two-dimensional waves
  4. Introduction to diffraction of two-dimensional waves
  1. A train of water waves reflected at a boundary. The angle between the incident ray and normal in 30°. What would be the angle between normal and reflected wave?
    1. Sound wave are reaching a rigid boundary at a speed of 330 m/s. What would be the speed of the reflected wave bouncing of the same medium?
      1. Refraction of water waves occurred from deep to shallow water. Explain what happens to the wavelength, speed and the frequency of the refracted wave.
        1. Light waves reflect off a boundary with frequency of 30Hz. The angle between the reflected wave and incident wave is given to be 60°. What are the values for angle of reflection and angle of incident?
          1. What is the difference between the diffraction of light waves through small gaps and large gaps?