Solving two dimensional vector problems

  1. Introduction to solving two dimensional vector problems

    • Overview of trigonometry strategies for different types of vector problems
    • Definition of the law of sines and the law of cosines
  1. Use the law of sines to solve triangles
    1. Find the length of side c
      triangle to solve for side c
    2. Find the angle &theta
      triangle to solve for angle theta
  2. Use the law of cosines to solve triangles
    1. For the following triangle:
      triangle to solve
      1. Find the length of the unknown side.
      2. Find the angle θ
    2. A paper airplane is thrown 11.0 m [W], then thrown 14.0 m, then 16.0 m. The final throw returns it to its original position. Find the angle of the 14.0 m throw.
      airplane triangle to solve
  3. Solve a vector word problem using the laws of sines and cosines

    To get to school, Pauline leaves her house and walks due east 1.40 km, then takes a shortcut by walking 0.650 km [35° S of E] through a park. Find her displacement from home to school.

    1. Solve a difficult vector triangle using geometry

      Solve the equation A+B=C\vec{A} + \vec{B} = \vec{C} .