Money related questions in linear equations

Money related questions in linear equations

Show me the money! In this lesson, we are going to solve some linear equations word problems that are related to money.


  • 1.
    Andy is paid based on a base salary plus commission for selling furniture. One week he sold $5000 worth of furniture and was paid $550, another week was paid $450 on sales of $3500.
    a) What is the rate of commission Andy earns?
    b) What is his weekly base salary?
    c) How much he earn if he sold $7000 dollars worth of furniture one week?

  • 2.
    Tickets are sold at $20 for adults and $10 for students. If the revenue from ticket sales was $12000 and 740 people attended the play; how many adult tickets were sold?

  • 3.
    The cost to insure jewellery is a fixed amount plus a percentage of the value of the jewellery. It costs $32 to insure $1000 worth of jewellery or $44.50 to insure $3500 worth of jewellery. What is the fixed amount to insure jewellery?