Volume of prisms

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  1. Find the volume.

    1. Volume of rectangular prisms

    2. Volume of triangular prisms

    3. Volume of trapezoidal prisms
  2. Find the missing values for a rectangular prism.

    Length (cm)

    Width (cm)

    Height (cm)

    Surface Area (cm²)

    Volume (cm³)

    a) 8



    b) 12



    c) 15



    1. Chris wants to build a shed in his backyard. He has 1 m³ of concrete to use as the rectangular base for the shed. If the base needs to be 15 cm deep, 3.5 m long and 1.8 m wide, does Chris have enough concrete? Show your work.
      Topic Notes
      In the previous section, we learned the basic formula to calculate volume of prisms. We will practice more on calculating the volume of different types of regular prisms such as, rectangular and triangular prisms, and irregular prisms.
      Basic Concepts