Introduction to differential equations - Introduction to Differential Equations

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Introduction to Differential Equations Topics:

Introduction to differential equations

In this lesson, we will look at the notation and highest order of differential equations. To find the highest order, all we look for is the function with the most derivatives. After, we will verify if the given solutions is an actual solution to the differential equations. We do this by simply using the solution to check if the left hand side of the equation is equal to the right hand side. Lastly, we will look at an advanced question which involves finding the solution of the differential equation.


We say that:
y(x)=dydxy' (x) = \frac{dy}{dx} or y(t)=dydty'(t) = \frac{dy}{dt}

1. y(x)y'(x) is the first derivative of the function y in terms of xx.
2. y(t)y'(t) is the first derivative of the function y in terms of tt.
  • Intro Lesson
    Differential Equations Overview
  • 1.
    Finding the Order of a Differential Equation
    What is the order for the following differential equations?
  • 2.
    Verifying Solutions
    Show that the following functions is a solution to the differential equation:
  • 3.
    Finding a Particular Solution
    You are given the general solution as well as the initial condition. Find the particular solution which suits the following initial conditions:
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Introduction to differential equations

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