Structure of the periodic table

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  1. Using the Periodic Table
  2. Changing Mendeleev's table.
  3. Basic structure and layout of the table.
  4. Blocks, groups and shape of the modern Periodic Table.
  5. Why does the periodic table have subshells or 'blocks'?
  1. Apply knowledge of the periodic table structure to classify elements.
    For each chemical element, state the chemical group it is in, whether it is a metal or non-metal, and the block of the periodic table in which it belongs.
    1. i) Ga
      ii) Pd
      iii) U
    2. i) Cl
      ii) Xe
      iii) Ba
  2. Apply your knowledge of the structure of the periodic table to identify elements of similar properties.
    For each chemical element, state another chemical element which shares similar properties to it.
    1. i) Ru
      ii) Li
    2. i) C
      ii) Br