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  1. Molarity and concentration
  2. Definition of molarity
  3. Finding the concentration of a solution
  4. Changing concentration of a solution
  1. Apply the formula to find the concentration of solutions.
    1. Find the concentration of a solution where 0.7 mol NaOH is dissolved into 120 mL of water.
    2. Find the concentration of another solution where 0.45 mol HCl is dissolved into 95 mL of water.
    3. Find the concentration of the solution that will be made if 32 grams of NaOH pellets are weighed out and dissolved in a container with 200 mL water.
  2. Apply the formula to find changing concentration and volume of solutions.
    1. Find the molarity of this solution.
    2. 45 mL extra water is added to dilute this solution. Find the new concentration of this solution.
    3. This solution is diluted down further and the concentration is measured to be 0.55 M. What must the new volume of the solution be?
    4. In a separate experiment, a 50 mL solution of .450 M MgCl2 was mixed with 20 mL of 0.3 M AlCl3. Find the concentration of all the ions present in this combined mixture.