Introduction to electrochemistry

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  1. What is electrochemistry?
  2. The electrochemical cell
  3. Redox reactions
  4. Introducing half-equations
  5. Reducing and oxidising agents
  6. The activity series
  1. Identify whether reduction or oxidation is taking place in the half-equations.
    State whether the half-equations below show reduction or oxidation, giving a reason for your answer.
    1. Au  \,   \, Au+ + e-
    2. Na  \,   \, Na+ + e-
    3. Cl2 + 2e-  \,   \, 2Cl-
  2. Write simple half-equations showing reduction and oxidation taking place.
    Write a balanced half-equation for the following chemical processes.
    1. Bromide ions being oxidised back to elemental bromine.
    2. Sodium metal being oxidised.
    3. Oxygen gas being reduced to oxide ions.