Group 17: The halogens

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  1. Halogens: A summary
  2. Introduction to halogens.
  3. Properties of the halogens.
  4. How do the properties change going down the group? (Trends in properties)
  5. Explaining the trends in properties.
  6. Reaction of halogens with group 1 and 2 metals.
  7. Halogen displacement reactions.
  8. Halogens as oxidising agents.
  9. Halogens and disproportionation reactions.
  1. Recall the properties of the halogens.
    Sort the halogens according to the properties listed below:
    1. Reactivity; lowest to highest.
    2. State at room temperature; solids, then liquids, then gases.
  2. Explaining the trend in properties of the halogens.
    A student in a school laboratory has a solution of sodium bromide (NaBr) in a beaker. To this, she adds an equal amount of chlorine water (chlorine dissolved in water).
    1. What observations would she make from the reaction?
    2. Write a chemical equation to describe this reaction, and explain why this observation and reaction occurred.
    3. Explain why no observed change would be seen if sodium bromide (NaBr) was reacted with iodine (I2) in solution.