Square measure

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  1. Introduction to Square Measure:
  2. What is square measure?
  3. Different types of square units
  4. Review: converting between single units
  5. Converting between square units
  1. Comparing different square measures: mm2, cm2, m2
    Fill in the blanks for the proper unit for each object: mm2, cm2, or m2.
    1. The classroom wall measures 15 ___.
    2. A sheet of lined paper measures 616 ___.
    3. One face on a die measures 144 ___.
  2. Calculate the area of a figure made of unit squares
    Calculate the area of each figure. Give the answer with the proper units for each unit square.
    1. Square Measure
    2. Square Measure
    3. Square Measure
  3. Area of figures drawn on grid paper
    Using the centimeter grid paper, draw a rectangle figure with an area of:
    1. 4 cm2

      Square Measure
    2. 24 cm2

      Square Measure
  4. Convert between square units using conversion facts
    Convert the square units by using the conversion fact.
    1. If there are 10,000cm2 in 1m2, how many cm2 are there in 6m2?
      10,000cm2 = 1m2
      _____ cm2 = 6m2
    2. If there are 100mm2 in 1cm2, how many cm2 are there in 800mm2?
      100mm2 = 1cm2
      800mm2 = __ cm2
Topic Notes

In this lesson, we will learn:

  • Square measure refers to the squared units that are used to measure area
  • How to count the square measure of areas shown by unit square figures
  • Comparing between metric units and squared metric units


  • Square measure refers to the units we use to measure area
    • A unit square is a square with a measure of 1 unit on each side
    • Units can be in metric units (i.e. m2, cm2, mm2) or other customary units (i.e. ft2, in2, yd2)
Square Measure

  • Different dimensions (1-dimensional or 2-dimensional) correspond to geometric properties of shapes (perimeter or area) as well as their units:
Square Measure

  • The square measure of area can be thought of as the number of unit squares that cover the 2D shape. You can count each unit square one by one to find the area.
    • If you have a rectangular figure of unit squares, think of it as an array:
Square Measure

  • Converting between metric units: meters (m), centimeters (cm), millimeters (mm)
Square Measure

  • Converting between squared metric units: m2, cm2, mm2
Square Measure