15.1 Parabola
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parabola: a curve formed from all the points that are equidistant from the focus and the directrix.
vertex: midway between the focus and the directrix
focus: a point inside the parabola
directrix: a line outside the parabola and perpendicular to the axis of symmetry

conics formula for parabola:
p=14ap = \frac{1}{{4a}} p: distance between the vertex and the focus / directrix.
a: coefficient of the squared term
  • 3.
    converting quadratic functions to vertex form by “completing the square”
    Convert each quadratic function from general form to vertex form by completing the square.
  • 4.
    finding the focus and directrix using the formula: p=14ap = \frac{1}{{4a}}
    For each quadratic function, state the:
    i) vertex
    ii) axis of symmetry
    iii) focus
    iv) directrix
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