What is a polynomial?

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  1. Which of the following is a "Polynomial"?
    1. 66
      3x \sqrt{3} x
      x13 {x^ \frac{1}{3}}
      4b35b 4{b^3} - 5b
      3x+4z 3x + \sqrt{4z}
      x43y {x^{-4}} - 3y
      213x+4\frac{2}{13x} + 4
  2. Classifying polynomials (monomial, binomial, trinomial, or polynomial
    1. x+2x + 2
      3 -3
      x32x4 {x^3} -2x-4
      x32x2+3x23 {x^3}-2 {x^2} +3 x-23
Topic Notes
There are criteria for expressions to be called polynomials. A polynomial needs to have at last 3 algebraic terms. For instance, an expression with negative exponents is not a polynomial. In this lesson, we will also learn how to classify polynomials base on their number of terms.