Characteristics of polynomials - Introduction to Polynomials

Characteristics of polynomials

A polynomial consists of constants, variables and exponents. Polynomials are named based on the number of terms they have. Polynomials with 1 term are called monomials. Those with 2 terms are called binomials, and the ones with 3 terms are called trinomials.


  • Intro Lesson
  • 1.
    Determine the number of terms and the name for each of the expression.
  • 2.
    Find the degree and number of terms for each of the following expression.
  • 3.
    Write the expression for each set of the algebra tiles.
  • 4.
    Peter wants to buy some comic books and magazines. A bookstore sells comic books for $12 each and magazines for $8 each.
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Characteristics of polynomials

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