Adding and subtracting matrices - Matrices

Adding and subtracting matrices


We can add and subtract matrices only if the dimensio ns of the matrices are the same. For example,


We want to find out what A+B is. We see that we are allowed to add A and B together because both A and B has a dimension of 2 x 3.

To add the two matrices together, we simply just need to add the corresponding matrix elements of A and B. So,

Same idea goes for subtracting. We can subtract them because the dimensions are the same. If we want to find out what A - B is, then

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    Understanding how to add and subtract matrices
    Can we add or subtract the following matrices?
  • 3.
    Adding matrices
    Add the following matrices:
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    Subtracting matrices
    Subtract the following matrices
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    Solving matrix equations
    Solve the following matrix equations:
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Adding and subtracting matrices

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