Applications of linear relationships

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  1. A waffle is sold for $5 in a coffee shop.
    1. Write an equation relating the money that the coffee shop makes to the number of waffles they sell.
    2. Create a table of values.
    3. Graph the table of values.
  2. Find y.
    1. y=-x when x=13
    2. y=2x-10 when x=8
    3. y=-x+4 when x=12
  3. The cost of 120 boxes of cookies is $1,080. Each box is sold for $12.
    1. Write an equation for profit made in terms of number of boxes of cookies sold.
    2. Create a table of values.
    3. Graph the table of values.
    4. How many boxes of cookies are sold if the profit is $60?
    5. How many boxes of cookies need to be sold to break even?
    6. What is profit if the cookies are sold out?
Topic Notes
Linear relationships can help us illustrate real life relationships such as, breakeven points, cost of goods sold to profits, sales to profit, and many more. Let's look at some word problems on linear relationships in this section.
Basic Concepts