Transformations of quadratic functions

  1. Reflection in the x-axis
    Reflect a quadratic function in the x-axis:
    1. Sketch the following functions on the same set of coordinate axes:
      y=x2y = x^2      VS.      y=x2-y = x^2
    2. Compared to the graph of y=x2y = {x^2}, the graph of y=x2 - y = {x^2} is a reflection in the _______________ .
  2. Compared y=x2 y = x^2 to basic quadratic function:
    i) describe every step of transformations
    ii) use transformation concepts to sketch the function
    1. y=2(x3)28 y = 2(x-3)^2-8
    2. y=13(x+5)2+4 y=- \frac{1}{3}(x+5)^2+4