Square root of a function

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Square root of a function

What will happen if we put a square root in a function? What will its graph look like? We will tackle these questions in this lesson and see it yourself!


  • 1.
    Compare graphs of y=f(x)y = f\left( x \right) and y=f(x)y = \sqrt {f\left( x \right)}
    Given f(x)=x+3f\left( x \right) = x + 3,
  • 2.
    Given the graph of y=f(x)y = f\left( x \right) as shown:
    • b)
      State the domain and range of:
      i) y=f(x)y = f\left( x \right)
      ii) y=f(x)y = \sqrt {f\left( x \right)}
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Square root of a function

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