Introduction to bearings - Bearings

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Introduction to bearings



3 main types of bearings:

- Standard compass bearings

- Compass bearings

- True bearings

Cardinal Points: the 4 basic standard bearings (East, South, West, North)

Compass bearings: the number of degrees east or west of north of south.

True bearings:

- Angle measured clockwise to the bearing line from the north

- The symbol T is to indicate that it is true bearing, but sometimes it is omitted

- For bearings less than 100°, use 3 digits with the first digit being a 0. (e.g. 045°T)

  • Intro Lesson
    Introduction to bearings
  • 1.
    Locating an Object Using Different Types of Bearings

    Given the following diagram:

    Locating an Object Using Different Types of Bearings

    Specify the direction as a:

  • 2.
    Graphing Different Bearings

    Draw a suitable diagram for each of the following bearings:

  • 3.
    Conversion Between Different Types of Bearings


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Introduction to bearings

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