Point estimates

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  1. A point estimate is given by:

    p^=numberβ€…β€Šofβ€…β€Šsuccessesβ€…β€Šinβ€…β€Šsampletotalβ€…β€Šnumberβ€…β€Šofβ€…β€Šsampleβ€…β€Šsize=xn\hat{p}= \frac{number \;of\; successes \;in\; sample}{total \;number \;of\; sample\; size}=\frac{x}{n}

    β‹…\cdot p^\hat{p}: the point estimate, a sample estimate
    β‹…\cdot pp: the population proportion (this is the data we are concerned with ultimately finding)
    β‹…\cdot nn: the sample size
    β‹…\cdot xx: number of successes in the sample
  1. Finding the Point Estimate
    If a sample experiment with 100 trials has 63 successes what is the resulting point estimate?
    1. Finding the Point Estimate
      The New York Times wants to compute roughly how many Pokémon Go players there are in the US. So they sample 2500 people and ask them whether they play Pokémon Go, or not. A total of 275 people said they played Pokémon Go.
      1. What is the point estimate for the of Pokémon Go players for the sample?
      2. If the US has a population of 320,000,000 using your data from the previous question what would be a good estimate for the number of Americans that play Pokémon Go?