Binomial distribution - Discrete Probabilities

Binomial distribution


P(x)=nCxPx(1p)nxP(x)={_n}C_x \;P^x(1-p)^{n-x}

nn: number of trials
xx: number of success in n trials
pp: probability of success in each trial
P(x)P(x): probability of getting xx successes (out of nn trials)

\cdot binomialpdf (n,p,x)(n,p,x)
\cdot binomialcdf (n,p,x)(n,p,x)
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    Thomas is packing for a trip and wants to bring some stuffed animals along for comfort. He owns 8 stuffed animals, and will pack each stuffed animals independently of all the others with a probability of 30%. Determine the probability that he takes;
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Binomial distribution

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