Median and mode - Measures of Central Tendency

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Median and mode

In this section, we practice calculating the median and mode of a data set. For example, we determine the median and mode from given frequency tables. The median is the middle number in a set of data after the data have been arranged in order. To calculate the median in a set of data (if there is an even number of data values), you add the two middle and then divide the sum by two. The mode is the most frequently occurring number in a set of data. If no number is repeated in a set of data, then there is no mode.


  • 1.
    What are the median and mode of each set of data?
  • 3.
    In a class, four students have 3 pets each, two students have 5 pets each, one student has 2 pets, four students have 1 pet each and the rest of the students have no pets.
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Median and mode

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