Frequency tables and dot plots - Graphing Data

Frequency tables and dot plots



In this lesson, we will learn:

  • Analyze the Frequency Table
  • Understand the Dot Plot
  • Convert a Frequency Table Into a Dot Plot

  • Frequency table: a table showing the data values and their corresponding frequencies.
  • Dot plot: a simplified version of a histogram. Each dot represents a value in that particular category.
  • Dot plots are not the same as scatter plots:
    • Scatter plots have a set of axes whilst dot plots do not.
    • Each dot in a dot plot has a value of 1. As for a scatter plot, we need to refer to the axis for the value of a dot.
  • Intro Lesson
    Introduction to Frequency Tables and Dot Plots
  • 1.
    Analyze the Frequency Table
    Stephen is doing a questionnaire about what movie genres his classmates like and he has made the following frequency table:
    Movie genre frequency
  • 2.
    Understand the Dot Plot
    The following dot plot shows the number of student(s) who showed up to a daily meeting:
    dot plot of student daily meetings
  • 3.
    Convert a Frequency Table Into a Dot Plot
    The below data set shows the average number of subjects each student takes.
    4  6  3  3  4  1  3  2  7  4  7  1  3
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Frequency tables and dot plots

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