Understanding tessellations

Understanding tessellations

The word tessellations may not be a familiar word to all of us, while tessellations are common in our everyday life. What exactly does it mean? Tessellations basically mean covering a surface without overlaps or gaps using a pattern of flat shapes. Using rectangular tiles to cover the kitchen floor is a good real life example of tessellations. We will learn more basic concepts of tessellations in this lesson.


  • Introduction
    How to find the sum of interior angles of a polygon?

    • What is tessellation?
    • How to make a tessellation?

  • 1.
    Can you tessellate the plane with the following regular polygons? Explain.
    Understanding tessellations

  • 2.
    Complete the table below.


    Interior Angle (°)

    Can it tessellate a plane? (Y/N)

    Equilateral Triangle


    Regular Pentagon

    Regular Hexagon

    Regular Heptagon