Polynomial synthetic division

  1. Synthetic division by (xโˆ’b)\left( {x - b} \right)
    (4x6โˆ’5x3+x2โˆ’9)รท(xโˆ’3)\left( {4{x^6} - 5{x^3} + {x^2} - 9} \right) \div \left( {x - 3} \right)
    i) Operate synthetic division
    ii) Write the division statement
    1. Synthetic division by (axโˆ’b)\left( {ax - b} \right)
      Operate synthetic division and write the division statement.
      1. (8x3โˆ’14x2+7xโˆ’1)รท(2xโˆ’5)\left( {8{x^3} - 14{x^2} + 7x - 1} \right) \div \left( {2x - 5} \right)
      2. (29x3โˆ’12x4โˆ’x)\left( {29{x^3} - 12{x^4} - x} \right) รท \div (5โˆ’3x)\left( {5 - 3x} \right)
    Topic Notes
    Synthetic division is a shortcut method of dividing polynomials as opposed to long division. Yet, this method can only be used when we are dividing a liner expression and the leading coefficient is a 1.
    Synthetic division by (xโˆ’b)\left( {x - b} \right)
    Polynomial synthetic division