Scalars, vectors, and one dimensional motion - Scalars, Vectors and Motion

Scalars, vectors, and one dimensional motion



In this lesson, we will learn:

  • Definition of scalar and vector
  • How to write scalars and vectors in physics
  • The definitions of distance, displacement, speed, and velocity
  • Calculations involving scalars and vectors


  • Scaler: a quantity with a magnitude only

  • Vector:a quantity with magnitude and direction

  • Symbols for vectors can be written with arrows on top (like d\vec{d}), symbols for scalars do not have arrows (like t)
  • Distance, speed, time, and mass are examples of scalars: they do not have a direction.
  • Position, displacement, and velocity are examples of vectors: they do have direction.


Δd\Delta \vec{d}: dfdi\vec{d}_f - \vec{d}_i

Δd:displacement,inmeters(m)\Delta \vec{d}: \mathrm{displacement, \;in\;meters\;(m)}

df:finalposition,inmeters(m)\vec{d}_f: \mathrm{final\;position, \;in\;meters\;(m)}

di:initialposition,inmeters(m)\vec{d}_i: \mathrm{initial\;position,\;in\;meters\;(m)}


v=d/tv = d/t

v:speed,inmeterspersecond(m/s)v:\mathrm{speed, \;in \;meters \;per \;second \;(m/s)}

d:distance,inmeters(m)d:\mathrm{distance, \;in \;meters \;(m)}

t:timeinterval,inseconds(s)t:\mathrm{time \;interval, \;in \;seconds \;(s)}


v=Δd/t\vec{v} = \Delta \vec{d}/t

v:velocity,inmeterspersecond(m/s)\vec{v}: \mathrm{velocity,\;in\;meters\;per\;second\;(m/s)}

  • Intro Lesson
    Introduction to scalars, vectors, and one dimensional motion
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Scalars, vectors, and one dimensional motion

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