1. Introduction to Ohm's Law:
  2. What have we learned about voltage, current and resistance?
  3. What does Ohm's Law tell us about circuits?
  1. Solving for Current with a Single Resistor in Series

    Ohm's Law
    1. Find the current flowing in the circuit.
    2. If the battery is connected to the circuit for 30 seconds, how much charge passes through the resistor?
      1. 4.0 C
      2. 120 C
      3. 500 C
      4. 3000 C
  2. Solving for Current and Voltage with Multiple Resistors in Series

    Ohm's Law
    1. Find the current coming out of the battery.
    2. Find the voltage used up by each resistor.
  3. Solving for Current, Resistance, and Voltage for Circuits with BOTH Series & Parallel Configurations

    Ohm's Law
    1. Find the current across each resistor.
    2. Find the value of resistor RE.
    3. Find the voltage of the battery.