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  1. Alcohols - Introduction
  2. Definition and structure of alcohols.
  3. Properties and uses of alcohols.
  4. Types of alcohols.
  5. Testing for alcohols.
  6. Naming alcohols.
  7. Reactions of alcohols
  1. Recall the general formula of an alcohol.
    Study the following molecular formulae and determine which of them are alcohols.
    i) C3_3H8_8OH
    ii) C4_4H10_{10}O
    iii) C5_5H11_{11}OH
    iv) C8_8H18_{18}OH
    1. Recall simple alcohols, their properties and the trends in properties.
      1. Organise the following alcohols in order of their solubility in water.

        i) Methanol
        ii) Pentanol
        iii) Hexanol
        iv) Butanol
        v) Ethanol
      2. Explain why alcohols dissolve in water but alkanes do not.