Acid dissociation constant

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  1. What is the acid/base dissociation constant?
  2. From Kw to Ka and Kb.
  3. The Ka and Kb expressions.
  4. Relating Ka, Kb and Kw using conjugate pairs.
  1. Use the relationship between the Ka and Kw expressions to find an unknown Kb value.
    1. Ethanoic acid, or acetic acid CH3COOH is a weak acid with Ka = 1.4*10-5.1
      1. Write the formula of its conjugate base.
      2. Find the Kb for its conjugate base using the relationship between Ka/Kb and Kw.
    2. Explain using the Ka/Kb expression why Ka and Kb values are not normally used when studying strong acids and bases.

      1 Source for Ka acid dissociation constants: ATKINS, P. W., & DE PAULA, J. (2006). Atkins' Physical chemistry. Oxford, Oxford University Press.