Adding and subtracting mixed numbers

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  1. Simplify fractions: Method A - By using greatest common factors
  2. Simplify fractions: Method B - By using common factors
  3. What are equivalent fractions?
  4. How to add fractions?
  5. How to subtract frations?
    • subtracting with improper fractions
    • subtracting with mixed numbers
  6. Proper fractions VS. Improper fractions VS. Mixed fractions
  1. Subtract or add using the given diagram.
    Adding and subtracting mixed numbers

    1. Adding and subtracting mixed numbers using models

    2. Adding and subtracting mixed numbers
  2. Subtract or add.
    1. 136+381\frac{3}{6}+\frac{3}{8}
  3. Maren goes to soccer practice for 2452\frac{4}{5} hour each day. In the morning, she has 1341\frac{3}{4} hour of practice. How many hours of practice does she have in the afternoon?
    1. Hannah ran for 1141\frac{1}{4} hour and then biked for 1231\frac{2}{3} hour. For how long did she exercise?
      Topic Notes
      In this section, we will write addition and subtraction statements for mixed numbers using given diagrams. First, we will add and subtract the whole numbers. Second, we will add and subtract the fractions. Some of the fractions will have like denominators and others will have unlike denominators. Before adding and subtracting those fractions with unlike denominators, we will have to determine the lowest common denominator for the pair of fractions and then write the equivalent fractions. We will write any resulting improper fractions in our answers as mixed numbers.