Solving one-step linear inequalities

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  1. i) What is an inequality?
    ii) How to solve linear inequalities?
    iii) How to graph inequalities on a number line?
  1. Solve.
    1. 7x637x \le 63
    2. 18x - \frac{1}{8}x > 5 - 5
    3. 3x1.33 \ge \frac{x}{{1.3}}
    4. 2.4x2.4x < 1.8 -1.8
  2. Determine if the solution is correct for each inequality.
    1. 21.4x21.4 - x < 17 17; x=8x = 8
    2. 25x5 - \frac{2}{5}x \le 5; x=2x = - 2
    3. 313x31 \ge - 3x; x=1.5x = 1.5
    4. 58x\frac{5}{8}x < 2.6 2.6; x=0.54x = 0.54
  3. In a pizza restaurant, you need to order a minimum of $30 of pizzas to get a free drink. If each pizza is $7.45, how many pizzas do you need to order to get the free drink?
    1. Use inequality to express the situation.
    2. Find the solution to the question.
  4. Anna wants to save up 15\frac{1}{5} of her total income each month. If she wants to save up $260 per month, how much money does she need to earn?
    1. Use an inequality to solve the question.
    2. Check your solution.
Topic Notes
We learn how to solve one-step linear inequalities in this lesson. Besides typical math questions, we are going to see word problems related to one-step linear inequalities and money.