Volume of cylinders

Volume is simply that numerical value that you see in your bottle of coke indicating how much liter is contained in that bottle. It’s simply the amount of water stored in your water tank, and how much of it used up the moment you hit the showers, wash your hands and do the dishes It’s all around us, which is why we have a huge need to understand it more.

This chapter will be all about volume. In the first part we will be looking at the different 3D shapes that are around us like the prisms, cube, cylinder, sphere, pyramids, and more. Each of these shapes have formulas that we can use to solve for their volume. Generally you will need to multiply length (L), width(W) and height (H). Other 3D shapes have more specific equation of volume because of their shapes.

In the second part of the chapter we will get to look at how to solve for the volume of a prism. There are two kinds of prisms namely, the triangular prism and the rectangular prism. In solving for the volume of a triangular prism you need the formula ½ ( base x height x length) since a triangular prism is comprised of triangles, where you need to apply the Pythagorean theorem 1/2Base x Height, and rectangles which has an area of LW. For the volume of the rectangular prism, which is comprised of rectangles, the formula is length x width x height.

The third part of this chapter will teach us how to solve for the volume of cylinders. A cylinder is comprised of two circular bases and one rectangle, which is why the formula to use would be ?r2h.

The last part would be about the solving word problems involving prisms and cylinders. This part would require you to have a good understanding of the previous parts of the chapter. At the end of the day, when you’re all great in solving volume problems you might want to test yourself with some free volume games online.

Volume of cylinders

In this section, we will look at questions on volume of cylinders.We will learn how to do that from the nets of the cylinders, and with its diameter and length.


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    Find the volume.
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Volume of cylinders

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