Adrianna Godoy – One-on-one Teaching

No two students are exactly alike when it comes to the way they learn. Everyone has a unique way of retaining information for educational purposes. Online learning is changing the traditional education model of learning by expanding the horizon on how we use our technology and obtain information.

Many students prefer that one-on-one teaching from a teacher but isn’t very comfortable asking for that help, online learning can ease that comfort. When doing online classes distractions from other students aren’t a hassle anymore. Students who will benefit the most from this are those students who can’t keep up with the pace of the class that the teacher is teaching at.

There is always that one student in a classroom that likes to disrupt and distract the teaching for giggles. This can be highly distracting and frustrating for the students that are really trying to focus, but cannot do so because they are always being distracted. Online learning eliminates these disruptions in order to concentrate on the classwork at hand.

When doing online learning, you get the opportunity to have that silence that some need to focus and complete their tasks. Students will be able to accomplish schoolwork more quickly, promptly, and efficiently.

One-on-one teaching is something that online learning can do more of than in school learning can. Teachers can handle anywhere from 20-300 students in one school day which make it difficult to come in and get that teachers full attention for help. They have so many papers to grade and lessons to plan out that it seems that getting that one-on-one help can be an obstacle.

Online learning changes this by providing that extra help and support that students need to complete schoolwork and achieve those good grades. Benefits from online learning reach thousands of students who learn at a different pace than others.

Each and every student learns at a different pace. Teachers have an outline of the school year that they have to follow, which means that they breeze along a certain topic even if not everyone understands it. Some students find it hard to keep up with the pace of the class and fall behind quickly causing failing grades and missing credits. With online learning, you are given time to work at your own pace just as long as you can meet deadlines. This provides time to really learn everything that is being taught and be able to obtain the information and succeed in school and in later life.

Online learning changes the traditional educational model of learning by using technology in an advanced way to be able to get the same teaching that you would get in school, online. This way of learning will change the way students learn by providing more help to individual students in a way that they aren’t able to get from a traditional education system.

Online learning will provide a distraction-free zone for students who cannot learn and focus when there are distractions around. Lastly, this method of learning will mostly benefit those who cannot keep up with the pace of the class or teacher and succeed more when moving along at their own pace.

Adrianna Godoy - One-on-one Teaching