Draw on coordinate planes

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  1. On a coordinate grid, draw a square in the following quadrants and write the instructions for drawing it. In your instructions, mention the (x,y) coordinates and labels (A, B, C, etc.) of the points.

    i) Quadrant I

    ii) Quadrant II

    iii) Quadrant III
    Draw points and lines on coordinate planes
    1. Label each vertex of the shape and identify the coordinates.
      identify the coordinates on coordinate planes
      Topic Notes
      In previous section, we learned how to label and plot coordinates on given grids. Astronomers often use grids and coordinates to determine the distance between bodies, such as planets, in space. In this section, we will draw figures on coordinate grids by connecting points on grids. The points will be connected in alphabetical order using straight lines. Finally, we will write instructions for how to draw these figures.