Determine square roots of rational numbers

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  1. Use the graph below to determine a rational number with a square root between 4 and 5.
    Determine square roots of rational numbers
    1. Use the side lengths below to estimate and calculate the area of each square.
      1. 5.2 cm
      2. 0.027 km
    2. Find out if each of the following rational numbers is a perfect square.
      1. 8116\frac{{81}}{{16}}
      2. 0.1
      3. 0.01
      4. 514\frac{5}{{14}}
    3. Evaluate.
      1. 361\sqrt {361}
      2. 2209\sqrt {2209}
      3. 0.0169\sqrt {0.0169}
      4. 5.76\sqrt {5.76}
    4. Calculate.
      1. 56\sqrt {56} , to the nearest tenth
      2. 3.7\sqrt {3.7} , to the nearest hundredth
      3. 0.96\sqrt {0.96} , to the nearest hundredth
      4. 0.066\sqrt {0.066} , to the nearest hundredth
    Topic Notes
    In this section, we will look at how to evaluate a rational number by using square roots. We will also work on questions determining whether a rational number is a perfect square. We will also evaluate the square roots of rational numbers.