Converting repeating decimals to fractions

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  1. How to convert repreating decimals to fractions?
  2. The entire decimal repeats
    ∙\bullet E.g. 0.1‾0.\overline1, 0.3‾0.\overline3, 7.2‾7.\overline2
  3. Only a portion of the decimal repeats
    ∙\bullet E.g. 0.01‾0.0\overline1, 4.16‾4.1\overline6, 4.003‾6‾4.00\overline3\overline6
  1. Converting repeating decimals to fractions
    1. 0.38‾ \overline{38}
    2. 3.96‾ \overline{6}
    3. -1.2560‾ \overline{60}
Topic Notes
A repeating decimal keeps repeating itself endlessly. Yet, no worries, you don't need to have unlimited paper to write it down. We can convert it into a fraction for a clearer presentation. Let's learn how in this session.