Polar form of complex numbers

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  1. Convert the following complex numbers from rectangular form to polar form
    1. z=2i3 z=2i-3
    2. w=53iw=-5-3i
    3. z=4i z=4-i
  2. Convert the following complex numbers from polar form to rectangular form
    1. z=4(cos(π4)+isin(π4)) z=4(\cos(\frac{\pi}{4})+i\sin(\frac{\pi}{4}))
    2. w=13(cos(180)+isin(180)) w=13(\cos(180^{\circ})+i\sin(180^{\circ}))
    3. z=4(cos(5π3)+isin(5π3)) z=4(\cos(\frac{5\pi}{3})+i\sin(\frac{5\pi}{3}))
  3. Given that z=43iz=4-3i , and w=2iw=2-i, find z+wz+w and express it in polar form