Taxes, discounts, tips and more

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  1. Introduction to taxes, discounts, tips and more
  2. Relating Percents to Taxes
  3. Relating Percents to Tips
  4. Relating Percents to Discounts
  1. Relating Percents to Taxes

    A pack of potato chips is priced at $5. If the sales tax in the province is 15%, how much should the potato chips be sold for?

    1. Billy picked a pair of headphones with a selling price of $250 at an electronic store. However, at the check-out counter, he was charged $280. What is the percentage of the sales tax?
      1. Relating Percents to Tips

        A family of three went to a five-star restaurant for dinner. The bill for the meal was $180. The family put down $300 and left without asking for changes. In other words, what is the percentage of tips they have paid?

        1. Relating Percents to Discounts

          A stationary store is having a garage sale. All the binders priced at $12 are now on sale for $9. What is the discount percentage?

          1. A suit was originally priced at $880, but it has been marked 25% off. What is the selling price now?
            Topic Notes

            (Original price) + [(Original price) ×\times (tax/tip in percent)] = (New price)

            (Original price) ×\times [1+ (tax/tip percent in decimal)] = (New price)

            (Original price) - [(Original price) ×\times (discount in percent)] = (New price)

            (Original price) ×\times (1 - discount percent in decimal) = (New price)