Reading and drawing Venn diagrams

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  1. How do we use Venn Diagrams?
  1. Reading Information from Venn Diagrams
    In a playground 6 students like to play on the swings and 12 students like to play on the jungle gym. 4 students played on both.
    Reading and drawing Venn diagrams
    1. How many students play only on the swings?
    2. How many students play only on the jungle gym?
    3. How many students are there in total on the swings and the jungle gym?
  2. Drawing Venn Diagrams
    Alex baked a batch of muffins. The different types of toppings Alex put on her muffins are given by the following frequency table.

    Different Types of Toppings

    # muffins topped

    Vanilla Sprinkles




    Vanilla Sprinkles and M&M's


    Represent this data using a Venn Diagram.
    1. Out of a class of 20 students, 12 students play soccer and 8 students play baseball. There are 3 students who play both soccer and baseball.
      1. Draw this information in the form of a Venn Diagram
      2. How many students play only soccer?
      3. How many students don't play either sport?
    2. Interpreting a Venn Diagram with 3 circles
      The following dots represent students who attend each after school activity:
      How to read Venn diagrams
      1. How many students attend both soccer practice and track practice?
      2. How many students attend track practice, or band practice, or both?
      3. How many students attend both band practice and soccer practice, but not track practice?
    Topic Notes
    In this section we focus on how to read Venn Diagrams as well as how we can use them as a tool to help us solve problems.