Probability with Venn diagrams - Probability

Probability with Venn diagrams


Venn Diagrams can be a useful tool to represent and solve probability questions

Sample space:
All possible outcomes of an experiment

Union(\cup, "or"):
A\cupB is the event that either A occurs or B occurs or they both occur

Intersection (\cap, "and"):
A\capB is the event that both A occurs and B occurs

Addition Rule:
A shortcut formula to finding is: A\cupB = A + B – A\capB

Complement (Ac)(A^c):
All outcomes EXCEPT the event P(Ac)=1P(A)P(A^c )=1-P(A)
  • 1.
    Venn Diagrams Represent Events
    Out of a school of 100 students the number of students enrolled in PE and Band class is given below:
    Probability with Venn diagrams
    So there are 35 students who are taking only PE classes, 30 students who are taking only Band classes, and 20 students who are taking both PE and Band classes. There are also 15 students who are not enrolled in PE or Band classes.
  • 2.
    Union and Intersection with Venn Diagrams
    The following dots represent students who attend each after school activity:
    How to read Venn diagrams
  • 3.
    Addition Rule
    From a deck of cards 10 cards are drawn at random. From these 10 cards the probability of picking a king is 0.3 and the probability of picking a heart is 0.5. The probability of picking a card that is both a king and a heart (the king of hearts) is 0.1.
  • 4.
    Determining the Complement of Events
    The probabilities of certain events are given in the Venn Diagram below:
    calculate probability with Venn diagrams
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Probability with Venn diagrams

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