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Why we are your best Math Tutor

When it comes to Math help, don't settle for second best. Like thousands of students right now, you want StudyPug.

Only the Best Teaching Style
You are here because tutors come and go. Tutoring is one of the top part time professions, which means students may not be the top priority. At StudyPug, this IS our full time job, and our students get full and consistent lesson coverage from grade 8 all the way to college. It's the style that works!
Our Only Priority is You
Tutors are there at a scheduled time, not when you need help. Studypug is always available to you - whether it's 2am at night, or during Christmas break. We never shut down, because helping you in math is very important to us!
Only the Best Math Tutor!
Not looking forward to trying out different strangers of inconsistent qualifications in your house? Dennis has personally taught over 2000 students over 20 years, and had the top math score out of 38,000 students. He knows his stuff, and his lessons work!
Only the Best Technology!
We built our platform and lessons from the ground up to solve a very specific problem: how to get you the help you need, fast. Within StudyPug, students can quickly find the exact topic they need, and watch short, precise, step-by-step solutions that increase comprehension.
The Choice is Yours
StudyPug is a great study aid; it can be used in conjunction with a math tutor, or alone, to supplement your math class.
Only a Fraction of the Cost
Tutors cost around $50 an hour, and tutoring centres cost $3000 or more a year. For a low monthly price you get unlimited access to StudyPug tutorials that deliver better results. Sign up now.

Education for the 21st century

Schooling hasn't fundamentally changed in the last hundred years, nor has it kept pace with modern technology. We give you the edge! Learn like thousands of students now, and let StudyPug bring you the best lessons from the most experienced math tutors in an innovative package that's convenient and easy to use, at a competitive price.

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Unlimited 24/7 math help tailored to you.

Proven tips & tricks based on real exams and homework.

Get help on your computer, iPad, iPhone, or Android.

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Unlimited 24/7 math help tailored to you.

Proven tips & tricks based on real exams and homework.

Get help on your computer, iPad, iPhone, or Android.

New content still being added all the time!

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