Introduction to imaginary numbers

  1. Simplify the roots of negative numbers

      \blacksquare\; 16\sqrt{-16}
      \blacksquare\; 40\sqrt{-40}
      \blacksquare\; (9)32(-9)^{\frac{3}{2}}
    1. Simplify the following imaginary numbers with high powers

        \blacksquare\; i5i^5
        \blacksquare\; i200i^{200}
        \blacksquare\; (3i2)4(\frac{3i}{2})^4
      Topic Notes
      Have you ever run into a situation where you want to find the square root of a negative number, but the calculator gives you nothing but a big error? Well, we will explore the meaning of this error from a different perspective. In this section, we will introduce the notion of imaginary numbers, and how to simplify them.