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Keeping with the specifications of all the exam boards, our thorough help for the exam includes topics such as Trigonometry, Factorisation, Quadratic functions, Exponential functions, Logarithms, Calculus, Statistics, and a lot more. Learn the concepts with our online video tutorials that show you step-by-step solutions to even the hardest maths problems. Then, strengthen your understanding with tons of as maths practice.

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Common Questions
I'm interested in AQA AS Maths. Which school board do you follow?

We follow as level maths syllabus of All exam boards. J We cover all topics in AS level Maths exam. Therefore, not only AQA, students taking the exam with all other exam boards, including, Edexcel, OCR, and WJEC, will find all the help you need here too.

I'm taking Statistics 1 (S1) too. Can StudyPug help?

Most certainly! You will find the Statistics 1 (S1 or MS1A) topics also covered in our AS-level maths course. If you want to learn more about statistics, check out our Statistics course.

I want to start my as maths revision by revising some of the more basic maths first. Which course should I sign up for?

It doesn't matter ? Your StudyPug subscription gives you unlimited access to all maths help across all courses. You can review all maths help in all courses, including GCSE maths, year 11 and year 12 maths. To make the best use of your precious study time, you can skip, review and learn any materials anytime based on your needs.

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AS-Level Maths (Legacy) topics

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20Graphing Trigonometric Functions

Is AS level Maths Hard?

As the name suggests, advanced subsidiary (AS) level maths, expands beyond the basic concepts of maths and into more complex or "advanced" areas of mathematics. If the thought of this seems a little daunting to you, you're not alone. There are many students across the UK that are put off by the complex sounding maths problems and terms like simultaneous equations, algebraic expressions, and more.

From the outside looking in, AS level maths can seem like a hard course of study, but if you have a firm grasp of the basics and you paid attention in secondary school maths, you should be well equipped to tackle even the trickiest of problems within this course.

Even if you struggled in year 10 or year 11 maths, you could still earn a good grade within AS level maths. All it would take is some organization, studying and an effective revision tool like StudyPug.

Our platform has a vast collection of video tutorials and revision guides for each topic of AS level maths. Our content will walk you through all the relevant topics that are bound to come up during your course of study, providing AS level maths step-by-step with videos on the following:

Simultaneous Equations
Circle Theorems
Operations with Surds
Law of Indices
Binomial Expansion
And more.

If you want to familiarize yourself with the topics you studied in secondary school before you take on an A level course, we have an extensive collection of materials for revision in trigonometry, statistics, integration vectors, and all other topic studied across the GCSE curriculum.

Our AS level Maths tutoring service will show you easy to understand solutions to even the hardest AS level maths questions. Furthermore, the information that we deliver, reflects everything you'd expect to find in modern maths textbooks and covers the content most likely to appear on your AQA, Edexcel, MEI, WJEC or OCR maths exams.

We understand that each student will have their own unique learning style and not every student will come to us at the same skill level. That's why we offer an "AS level maths for dummies" approach that starts with the basics and assumes no prior knowledge. The beauty of our on-demand video service is in is flexibility. You don't need to sit through lessons you already know. You can skip them entirely or simply fast-forward to the section you need.

If you join StudyPug today as a subscriber, you'll have direct access to all of our GCSE and AS level maths help, giving you unprecedented access to a wealth of quality videos and resources that can supplement your studies and help you find your way to the right maths solutions.

What is AS level Maths Like?

A level maths is separated into two variants. An AS Level maths course is one year long, whereas the A level Maths course, is a 2 year program with the AS acting as its first year.

Within the structure of the course, students are given a choice as to what modules they study. The modules are as follows:

C1-4 - Core Maths
S1 & S2 - Statistics
M1 & M2 - Mechanics
D1 & D2 - Decisions

Regardless of whether you're studying AS or A level maths, you will be required to study the C1-4 modules. AS students then pick one further module to study (statistics, mechanics, or decisions) and A level students, will pick two.

As an example, has drafted what a typical AS student studying statistics might encounter on their course (see below).

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