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Math Tutoring for the Mississauga, Ontario Region

Our elementary and high school math tutorials follow the latest Ontario math curriculum and EQAO test preperation. So whether you are looking for math tutors in Erin Mills, Cooksville, Malton, Port Credit you can be confident that you are getting the best math support.

Our advanced math tutoring aligns with calculus or statistics lectures with University of Toronto (UTM), York University, Ryerson University, or Sheridan College just to name a few. We also have AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC tutoring, IB Math tutoring for students that wish to get ahead!

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Over 150,000 students have gotten better math grades with StudyPug online math tutoring. Our platform works because our comprehensive math tutorials are easy to find and break down the difficult concept into easy to understand steps. Our students get a personalized study plan geared to their math strength and weakness, and every lesson has an instant practice. How can you not do better in math?

Reviews for our Mississauga math tutoring

  • Chang L.
    I got a 95% for my grade 12 math. If it weren’t for your math tutor for Mississauga, I don’t think I would’ve got such a great mark. StudyPug is the biggest factor to success for this class. Thank you for the program.

  • Wang Tina
    Your app StudyPug — I am loving it! I am currently on chapter 8 of your grade 11 math tutoring (MRC3U). Your practice work very well, I feel much better about taking my next exam compared to when I first entered grade 11. You are the best math tutor in Mississauga!

  • Kate Harker – Parent
    My 16 year old has been using you guys for the last few months, and you guys have proven to be one of the most effective and clear math tutoring tool I have seen. You are easy to use, and easily managed. My 16 year old doesn’t need any other Cooksville math tutor any more. She is now organize in her math learning and feels that she has something new on math to learn every day now. I have recommend you for any of my friend looking for math tutor in the Mississauga and Cooksville region.

  • Nadia J
    Thank you so much, you helped me understand a very difficult concept on tessellations in Grade 8 math class! Malton math tutors are far and few in between. Finding you really helped me in my math 8 class!

  • Jaspreet Singh
    I needed a University of Toronto Math Tutor for my business calculus class. I didn’t know where to being to look for a calculus tutor that understand the U of T curriculum. Your team really was able to help me understand the courses and allowed me to move pass a difficult subject that I have dreaded taking for a long time

  • Chowdry L
    I found your site through a parent that has tried you before. We continue to have a math tutor in Mississauga – but using you side by side while my son is taking his MCF3M grade 11 math class is very helpful. Being on 247 and unlimited math help allowed my son to use you at any time and get math help when he need a good lesson and practice

  • Mrs. J Zhou
    As an engineer, we value mathematics skills very highly in our family. I previously used a Caculus Tutor in Mississauga to help both of my kids to get a move on their Calculus 12 class. After finding your site, I am using Study Pug as advanced math learning so my kids can prelearn the calculus lessons and get a step ahead of their classmates. I noticed that you have up to differential equations, so they can use it while taking engineering math in U of T.

  • S. Brown
    I will be using this app with my daughter for grade 8 math. I was concerned as to what I was going to do for her math in the coming school year, and was looking for math tutors in Mississauga to over for topics that I may have a hard time to teach. With StudyPug, we can watch the video together and learn the lessons at the same time. Yes, I am getting helped too now!

  • John B. Wayne
    Great product, I am a math teacher teaching grade 10, 11 and 12 math in a high school. Some of my students that were struggling were having a hard time finding affordable math tutors in the Mississauga, Erin Mills and Cooksville region. After trying your math tutoring out, I am recommending you to all my students in the class, even those doing well. Your product has the capability of getting students engaged in math.

  • Christian D.
    I am in highschool looking for a Mississauga math tutor for grade 9. I am going to do the Pat 9 math this year. I am studying with your site. Wish me luck!

  • Bob Johnson
    My grade 7 son is using you in lieu of a math tutor right now. I am impressed. The Port Credit Math Tutors that I used before were good, but expensive. And I can teach a lot of grade 7 math myself, when I had the time. Using Study Pug for math help instead of a human math tutor is light on the pocket book, but so far, we are getting the same, if not better results. You rock guys.

  • Claire Chantal
    Hi, I just want to send you a quick message to thank you. I previously had a home math tutor in Mississauga, and he was great, but he graduated university and left town for work. I had only a year of high school left and I really needed math help. You were there for me, and I was studying my MDM4U grade 12 math with your help. Thanks for being there for me when I needed math help the most!