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Math Tutoring for the Greater Vancouver Region

Our elementary and high school math tutorials follow the latest BC math curriculum. So whether you are looking for math tutors in Surrey, Richmond, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Coquitlam or Burnaby, you can be confident that you are getting the best math support.

Our advanced math tutoring aligns with calculus or statistics lectures with UBC, SFU, Capilano , BCIT, Douglas, Langara, just to name a few. We also have AP Calculus AB and AP Calculus BC tutoring, IB Math tutoring for students that wish to get ahead!

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Over 150,000 students have gotten better math grades with StudyPug online math tutoring. Our platform works because our comprehensive math tutorials are easy to find and break down the difficult concept into easy to understand steps. Our students get a personalized study plan geared to their math strength and weakness, and every lesson has an instant practice. How can you not do better in math?

Reviews for our Vancouver math tutoring

  • Yin H
    I tried tonnes of math tutors in Burnaby, and my math marks never improved. Now that I am in precalculus 11, I need some serious math help. StudyPug really worked for me. My parents are very happy with my math marks

  • Donald D.
    Highschool math was always easy for me, but when I started UBC, first year calculus really is tough. The UBC math tutors that I found weren’t really available for when I needed them, since everyone has exams at the same time. You guys were there for me when I needed math help. Now I am going to 2nd year thanks to you and I can pick my major soon!

  • Mrs. T. Wong
    Who knows that university requirements are so high these days. Math was always hard for my kids, my friends told me about StudyPug and since we lived in Surrey, I had to travel far to Richmond for the best math academies. StudyPug helped, my son got his tutoring for pre-calculus 12 and got great marks. I didn’t even have to travel to Richmond for math tutoring any longer!

  • Jasminder S
    My math tutor in Vancouver wasn’t that great. He was constantly late and/or busy. When I needed help for my big math exam coming up – he wasn’t available and I didn’t do so well in my math test. My teacher and family were not very pleased. I end up studying extra hard for the next few tests to make up for my low math mark. This is when I found this site. The content does work! I now study at home with ease, no need to have a at home tutor here in Vancouver, or going down to the library for math help any more!

  • Payton S
    Oh man, I so needed a tutor for SFU math class. My math 152 class was hard. I can’t find any calculus tutors in Burnaby that I liked, so when I was googling around for Burnaby calculus tutors, I found you guys. You are like a god send, your course help really jived with my lectures and my midterms rocked. I am using you for my math finals..!

  • Chen L
    I currently attend Capilano college. I use a number of math tutors for Capilano, depending on their available and time. First year math in Capilano is not so bad, I did really well, second year Capilano College is not so easy. StudyPug is just as good help as any of the Capilano math tutor that I used. I enjoyed how you breakdown my math lessons in ways that I understand, and the good practice that I can use right before my exams.

  • Gagnon B
    Grade 10 math was my last math class. And to make sure I pass, I found a tutor in Vancouver. He tutored me while I am doing my Apprenticeship & Workplace Math 10. When he is not available, I used StudyPug to study. I am glad to say that I passed my math 10! No more math classes any more, yay!

  • Parent of pre-calculus 11 student
    We got a math tutor here in Coquitlam for my grade 11 son, and we also used your site. My son spends more time on you then any other math tutors! He enjoyed the lessons and the practice, in addition to the stars and your study plan. is teacher has been telling me that my son has been a lot more confidence in his math class here in Centennial High School. I am looking forward to his report card this year!

  • Walton J
    I was doing summer math courses, and really needed a math tutor Langara – trouble is, everyone is off during the summer. My classmates and I were struggling and we had a hard time finding good math tutor for our imminent final. Thanks StudyPug, finding you really helped me out for my Langara studies! I was able to review my calculus class with your help and squeaked pass the final exam. I highly recommend everyone to use StudyPug for students looking for Langara math tutoring.

  • Mr. J Mackinnon
    My boy has had a hard time in his math class, he does great in the arts, but we need math to graduate so he can enter his preferred film school. We were looking for Vancouver Math Tutoring when my friend recommended StudyPug for math help. It worked surprisingly well. He enjoyed the service and was able to get the math help he required for his last two grades in school. We are happy, and this is also light on the pocketbook. Win win!

  • Victor W
    It’s very difficult to find a Vancouver Statistics Tutor, and I needed help for my stats class. StudyPug was there for me. Thanks.

  • Edgar L
    While math has been easy for me, I needed to get 99% to get into my program in UBC. There are UBC math tutor that know how to do that. I used them with StudyPug at the same time. When the UBC math tutors leave, I turn on StudyPug. This combination worked for me. I got my 99%.