Hypergeometric distribution

Hypergeometric distribution


N: population size
m: number of successes in the population
n: sample size
x: number of successes in the sample

P(x): probability of getting x successes (out of a sample of n)
  • Introduction
    What is Hypergeometric Distribution?

  • 1.
    Determining the Hypergeometric Distribution
    A bag contains 8 coins, 6 of which are gold galleons and the other 2 are silver sickles. If 3 coins are drawn without replacement what is the probability that 2 of them will be gold galleons?

  • 2.
    Determining the Cumulative Hypergeometric Distribution
    Ben is a sommelier who purchases wine for a restaurant. He purchases fine wines in batches of 15 bottles. Ben has devised a method of testing the bottles to see whether they are bad or not, but this method takes some time, so he will only test 5 bottles of wine. If Ben receives a specific batch that contains 2 bad bottles of wine, what is the probability that Ben will find at least one of them?